How does the selling process work?

ur selling process is simple. Just fill in the Selling Form found on our selling page OR YOU MAY CONTACT US ON +91 9873846800 telling us what you want to sell. Our team will review your submission and get back to you via email within 48 hours with provisional pricing. Once you provide us with your collection details and images of the product we will provide a free courier collection from anywhere in India. Once your items are received they will be checked, authenticated, photographed and listed on our website.


What do you accept?

We accept designer handbags. Unfortunately we cannot accept high street brands. You can view our listed all Designer on our main Desiner menu see what brands we take. If a brand is not listed here we may still take it but please fill in the Selling form and our team will confirm. We only accept items that are in extremely good or as new condition. We may provisionally accept items based on a review of the Selling Form, however final acceptance is subject to physical examination upon receipt.


Is my identity revealed?

Confidential Couture maintains a 100% confidentiality policy for all person(s) using the portal to buy or sell merchandise. Our executives are specially trained to safeguard the interest of our buyers and sellers. The identity of all buyers and sellers are kept confidential at all times.


How do you price the items?

Our in-house team of experts undertakes pricing. We consider several criteria including, but not limited to, original retail price, brand, style, age, condition, availability and demand. We will propose a provisional price based on the Selling Form and confirm a final price following receipt and examination of your items.


What if i change my mind and want it back?

You always get to approve the provisional price range. If you disagree with our experts then let us know and we will do our best to work with you. If we still can’t agree, we will return your item to you at a charge of Rs. 300 per product or you may get it collected from our head office at no cost. Please ensure that the provisional price range is more or less agreeable by you.


Does my item have to be in perfect condition?

Preferably, yes. However if there are some signs of wear or a minor defect we provide special services for maintenance and restoration of the bag. If we receive an item that is not of the condition or quality described then it will be returned to you at your expense.


How do you authenticate my item?

We have a team of in-house experts who initially review your products then the product is further reviewed and authenticated by our authenticating partners based out of America. From time to time we may ask you to provide us with more information including proof of purchase. If we are unable to provide a guarantee of authenticity we will not list the item. To know more about our authentication process CLICK HERE.


What happens if my item is rejected after you recieve it?

In this case, we will return the item to you. Unfortunately we have to cover our shipping cost so this will be at your expense or you may get it collected from our head office. Shipping and delivery charges apply as per company laws. Alternatively, we are happy to donate it to charity on your behalf.


How long do you keep the items for?

Our minimum listing period is 16 weeks. However, at our discretion, we are happy to continue to list items on our site after this time. If, after 12 weeks an item has not sold, we will reduce the price by up to 50% in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


Do you reduce the price?

Your item will remain listed at the agreed price for the full minimum listing period of 12 weeks. After that we may reduce the price up to 50% off to encourage a sale. If you do not want to price reduced you must notify us before the 16 weeks and we will return the item to you.


What if my item doesn't sell?

We do our utmost to ensure your item sells. However, sometimes the right home just can’t be found even after reducing the price. If we can’t sell your item we will offer two options. Either we will return it to you with a minimal charge of Rs 300/- within Delhi and Bombay and Rs 500/- in other states or we can donate the item to charity on your behalf.


How do I get paid?

Once your item sells, we hold the money for 45 business days. This is to allow for potential returns. If the item is not returned, we transfer the sale value (minus our commission, VAT and any other applicable charges) to you. We will contact you to provide bank details to ensure the safe transfer of your money or the transactions can be carried out via cheque.


How do I know the items are in good condition and authentic?



Are Pre-Owned items cleaned or reconditioned prior to be listed for sale?

Absolutely. Leather goods go through a multi-step cleaning and rejuvenation process prior to sale, which includes conditioning and cleaning the exterior, cleaning the interior and polishing hardware.


Are the images shown on your website of the actual items listed for sale?

Yes, we take detailed images of every product that we sell. We do our best to provide images of areas of wear for a pre-owned item.



What are my payment options?

Once your item is sold, you may get the payment in the form of a bank transfer. For amounts less than 20,000 we may offer you cash, which you can get picked up from our Head office in New Delhi and Bombay only.


Is my Information secure?

Yes. At your privacy and security are important to us. Please read our privacy policy for a complete description of how we treat confidential information.


How can i search for an item on the site?

You may choose to browse leisurely through our categories or you may search by keyword (such as designer or brand), by item number, or by desired price range. Once your product is uploaded, you will get a notification via mail with the link of your product.


Do you offer cash sales?

Cash sales might be extended to you based on the product. Please contact our selling team on +91 9873846800 for the same.


  • The price mentioned above indicate the final value of your item that you will receive from Confidential couture after the sale of our item. Please note that the final price is inclusive all charges, taxes, commission etc.
  • Post your approval on the above prices, we will get the products verified by our experts. Once the products are approved, they will be displayed for sale within 10 working days.
  • In case the product(s) is in-authentic, it will be returned to you in the same condition as was received by us, on receipt of rejection fee Rs. 1,200/- from you. For this reason, we advise you to ensure that the items being sent to us are in good condition (no wear and tear), authentic and the estimate pricing is more or less agreeable by you.
  • Payment for a product will be made within 45 working days of the sale of the product.
  • **Please Note** :-.
  • Fee of Rs 1,800/- will be charged if the product(s) returned before consignment period (for product value upto Rs. 150,000)
  • Fee of Rs 2,800/- will be charged if the product(s) returned before consignment period (for product value above Rs. 150,000)
  • Delivery Fee of Rs. 300/- after consignment period will be charged for returning upto Three items
  • Delivery Fee of Rs. 800/- after consignment period will be charged for returning above Three items
  • Kindly note the above prices are evaluated through an analysis of current pricing and currency differences worldwide. Please reply to this email accepting the above prices.

Have any other query? Email us at Or Call Us at : +91 8826669157