Selling Terms


Confidential Couture takes pride in developing a more transparent commission structure for its customers starting Feb 2020.  We believe that selling your designer products should be hassle free and simple and fair. By this new policy, we aim for our sellers to have the maximum gain after selling their product.

Commission Structure

For items that have a list price under 10,000 INR

Flat charge

Bags 3000/-
 Accessories  2000/-
 Apparels  50:50 (Seller: CC)

For items that have a list price above 10,000 INR

Listing Price Revenue Share (Seller:CC)
10,000-40,000 70:30
40,000-1,00,000 75:25
1,00,000-2,00,000 80:20
above 2,00,000 85:15


Multiple products – Higher gains:

Multiple product Payout Discount
More than 3,00,000 5% discount on the agreed ratio for each item
More than 5,00,000 7% discount on the agreed ratio for each item
More than 7,00,000 9% discount on the agreed ratio for each item


The agreed ratio will be on the ultimate invoice value. (The final invoice will be an automated invoice shared with the seller in the form of a vendor invoice.) The agreed ratio is exclusive of GST which is roughly 4.7% of the net agreed ratio.


CC shall be responsible for determining the listing price of the products.

Initially a listing price range shall be shared with the client and the final listing is to be determined only after physical examination and inspection.

The new structure is devised keeping in mind the expertise Confidential Couture has gained in the luxury reselling in India to be able to achieve realistic reselling prices. We use a simple matrix listed below to determine the listing prices of the products. The percentages are fractions of the retail prices and derive listing prices. CC Gives its seller the opportunity to decide the listing price of the product with the maximum capping of 70% of retail. However, in the case of the listing price is decided by the seller, A flat listing charge of INR 1000/- will be levied irrespective of the status of the product.


Rating matrix to determine the listing price Formula = RATING PERCENTAGE X RETAIL PRICE


Bags 60% 50% 45% 40% 30%
Shoes & Other Accessories 50% 40% 35% 25% 15%
Watches 70% 60% 50% 40% 30%


How to determine the rating of your product:

Manufacturing Year 2018 -2020 2018 -2016 2015-2012 2011 & Before  Type of Designer
Never Been Used A+ A A B Top Designer
Never Been Used A A B C Rest of Designer
Pristine A+ A A B Top Designer  
Pristine A B B C Rest of Designer
Gently Used B+ B B B Top Designer  
Gently Used B B B C Rest of Designer
Fairly Used - B C - Top Designer
Fairly Used - C C - Rest of Designer

*A+ and B+ are those products, their retail values increasing year on year

**Term & Condition apply  **Refer to the designer and condition guide


Should your product not sell within 3 months of consignment period, we shall propose the revised listing price and the revenue share shall remain same as agreed upon at the time of signing the consignment agreement.


We aim to provide the fastest turnaround time to sell your product. And hence as an online platform, we need to provide promotions and offers to remain competitive. Our regular discounts range between 5-10% on the listing price. However, this would not impact ratio between Confidential Couture and the seller but only the net listing amount. Please note anything over and above the specified discount percentage, will only be given after the seller’s consent.


After a period of three months, if your product/products remain unsold we can mutually decide to revise the listing price. The table below shows the indicative value of the re listing values. Please note that CC may suggest a lower value to be able to sell your product.


Bags 55% 45% 35% 25% 15%
Shoes & Other Accessories 30% 30% 20% 20% 15%
Watches 60% 50% 40% 30% 20%


 **These percentages are indicative of the revised listing value, but might vary based on mutual consent.