Please provide the designer details, year of purchase, condition/usage details of the product, belongings, and retail price for an even faster process  

1. Full Front Photo

 Take clear images of the front of the item.  Avoid taking blurry images of the item.


2. Clear Back Photo

 Take clear images of the back of the item.  Please avoid taking blurry images of the item.


3. Interior Photo

Take a clear image of the interior of the item while opening it wide. Covering the made in tag, zip details. Please ensure that your item is completely empty from inside and the interior is not dark.


4. Code/Serial Number

Take a clear image of the code/heat stamp. Most designer products have the code inside the product or at the back of the made in tag. Sometimes some part of the code fades with time. In this case we advise you to capture whatever you are able to see. Flash light may help. The code should be readable and not blurry. If you cant find the code, it is okay as some products do not come with it.


5. Highlights Any Damage/Effects

Please take detail/close up photos clearly showing the wear/damage/use

Please don’t take wide angle photos where the wear/damages cannot be clearly identified.


6. Lighting

Please take pictures in natural/day light or take pictures in a well-lit area without a cluttered surrounding. Please avoid using any flash or any effects/filters from your phone.


7. Additional Accessories/Inclusions

Please take an image with additional accessories such as strap, box, dust bag along with the product if you have them. Please avoid sending individual pictures of these accessories.


8. Hardware Closeup 


Please take a close up image of the hardware. This could be the buckles. Closure, metal plate and usually have the brands logo on it.

Please avoid taking pictures that don’t show the hardware clearly. Some products may not have any hardware on the exterior.


9. Made in Tag;


Please take clear images of the made in tag and the name of the designer. The format might vary from designer to designer. Most often these can be found on the inside.

Please avoid taking vague pictures that don't highlight the made in/designer tag.


9. Made in Tag;


Please take images while styling the product or wearing/carrying it so that we can get a better idea about the size.

Please avoid sending pictures of your face or body or vague pictures that don’t show the product.


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